Advisory Services

Transaction Advisory Services

Areas of Focus: 

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Buy and sell side mandate management
  • Financings
  • Turnarounds
  • Deal flow generation,
  • Global business development
  • Transaction facilitation
  • Start up management mentoring and business financing


Representative Services:


Corporate Development and Strategy – We work with management and shareholders to evaluate add-on acquisitions, debt and equity financings, and possible exit strategies.  These clients benefit from our strong relationships with corporate entities operating in our targeted industries and with key players in the capital markets.


Management Practices – Our team works with management to enhance financial reporting, strategic planning, and risk management practices.  We also work to establish key initiatives that build a better and more valuable enterprise, while implementing incentive structures for senior management and other key employees.


Global Perspective – We are proud member of CDI Global, working with our partners around the globe when projects benefit from cross border interaction. Working collaboratively with CDI, we bring a global perspective and resources to each client assignment.


Senior Advisor and Operating Partner Networks – We leverage our global footprint in support of our clients to achieve their strategic and financial goals. We are able to uniquely source and evaluate new investments and act as a financial resource for our client companies.


Why Clients Retain Us:

  • Clients retain us because we combine unique experience with innovative thinking and leadership support to address critical challenges, whether event-driven and/or long-term situations.
  • Clients rely on our undiluted critical thinking born from decades of hands-on experience at every level. Whether vertical market or cross-discipline, our solutions are practical, immediate and sustainable.
  • Our client relationships have endured through the turbulence of business and economic cycles. Many of our new engagements come from existing clients — a testament to our ability to consistently deliver results.

Start Up & Early Stage Consulting

Start Up & Early Stage Consulting

We deliver high-quality, specialized consulting services to entrepreneurs starting new business or in the early stages of business development.  Since each client’s needs differ, we tailor our work according the particular aspects of each relationship.


Representative Services:


  • Ensure the Basics Are Covered – We build, procure, and secure the necessary legal framework to launch a business, including establishing a legal entity, IP protection, and business registrations.
  • Establish the Business Platform – We help set up accounting, financial, and business management tools and services on one simple platform.
  • Raise Capital – We work various networks to access hundreds of top angel groups and venture capital firms across the world. We guide you through the process of honing your story and presentation to connect with the right investors.
  • Find and Apply to the World’s Top Accelerators – We provide essential mentorship, capital, and introductions through our access to hundreds of open accelerator programs seeking motivated, high-growth startups.
  • Support Your Company Ownership – Most contracts with a co-founder, employee or investor represent a line on your company’s cap table to allocate ownership. We support the electronic issuance of stock and options, model fundraising scenarios, simplify investor due diligence, and stay tax compliant with expert 409A coverage.


What We Look For in a Client:


  • Great People – We seek individuals or teams that possess the passion and innovation required to succeed. We want to be able to embrace the distinctive values they want to bring to market.
  • Great Energy – We embrace responsive and responsible behavior that the market will reward. We want to see our entrepreneurial clients “all-in” when it comes to developing their ideas.
  • Great Talent – We look for driven leaders, that are both nimble and adept in their relentless pursuit of a vision.